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Bethany Lily April
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fashion model and social influencer


24 years (2020)

Date of Birth

24th of April, 1996

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Current Residence

in Essex, England


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5’ft and 6’inches







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Bethany Lily April Shorty Bio:-

She Is A Fashion model. The Model is Well Known For Her Hot Social Media Uploads. She Is a Social Influencer Also. Bethany was born on the 24th of April, 1996 in Essex, England. She has a huge following of “Bethany lovers” on social media.

Bethany Lily April The Podcast (Real Talk):-

  • it’s X-rated all the time yeah yeah as soon as you mention only fans everyone thinks you’re a star really not the case, yeah I mean there are people that do that fine do what you want to do but there are loads of people that do only fans and they even show their really oh so that’s interesting as well it’s a fan platform that you can talk to your fans and like share something extra okay cool so leading on from that comment then Bethany because I and you have had a little chat about this before you do get some wild only fans dams and wild requests don’t you sometimes yeah it’s weird because um I don’t know what certain things are there’s like something called like j-o-i and I was like oh sorry what’s the choice does Ella know what this I feel like Ella knows what this is can we talk about this I didn’t know what it was I had to ask the guy who was asking me.
  • i was like what is that okay wait so everyone listening down either search this into urban dictionary or i need an explanation what is jr jerk off instructions okay okay i have no idea it was a thing okay why do you need instructions to know how to jerk off because it’s like telling them like right it’s so what you had to google it yeah girls that do do more X-rated stuff on only fans obviously they do explicit content but they’ll also do sort of day like i don’t know like instructional videos so like i would watch it i want you to do that i want you to do that yeah okay so i feel like there’s a lot more to only fancy well i didn’t know and I’m sure the listeners i don’t think you guys probably would have known this but it’s great to talk to you guys about you’ve given us a real insight into only fans but it’s strange because like people think we’re in the industry but then actually i had no idea what this was yeah so you’re searching up on your phone as many different types of people that are in the industry and that have different.
  •  what does this mean episode 2 of leveled up the podcast we are just talking for 45 minutes yeah it’s just where they just like specifically come for you i guess oh it doesn’t make you feel special i do not accept comfort okay well that’s right what are you doing your house is your business mostly there’s like dick ratings yeah i get so many people asking me about that do you feel like you have to be a little bit more generous or do you because i feel like i don’t do them oh so ella doesn’t do them i feel like oh okay you don’t do this if you didn’t do that you’d be very honest [Laughter] yeah because she’s a very honest girl and i think as well you know when i first met you you’ve got an amazing social media following are you at 1.3 now million three point four okay sorry rewind three point four million okay wow that is amazing so where did it all come from when where did you get brought up did you always want to be a model or where did it all come from how did it all start i wasn’t sure about it but when i was 18 that’s when i started like page three and all the magazines and then i kind of took a break when i was like 1920 and then just before i turned 21 that’s.
  • when i started my only fans wow so you’ve been doing it for a long time now i’ve been on instagram for like six years oh my goodness instagram’s about two years old i feel like it’s crazy isn’t it because you can really when you speak to people and they’ve got a massive following sometimes you know they might have gone on a big reality show and they’ve sort of woken up with all these followers i kind of get asked that a lot like oh where were you from like have you done it right reality show uh but what people forget about social media it’s just like you’re supposed to be social like you need to interact with people yeah of course and i felt like i was really good at that last year like i was always like um doing questions and polls and always talking all my story always replying to the comments yeah do you feel like that really boosted your social media page did that just being engaged with everyone online because that’s what it’s supposed to be that’s what you guys want to do you want to talk to these girls and just have a chat don’t you and make friends and it is amazing.
  • what social media opens up yeah I’ve literally got like so many friends from around the world that are all like on only fans and their models as well and we all talk and like that’s what people don’t understand we actually all talk you’re all friends is there like specific categories so yeah so we say as the feet click and there’s like the feet fetish click and then there’s the sort of diy clip I think everyone sorts of just talks to each other yeah I’m friends with people that do a lot more content than me yeah yeah lf pretty much like smashing it like big time yeah so where does it sort of where does the sort of line drawing for you when it comes to that do you sort of think I you know I want to do this is a way for me to make the income you know it makes me happy I enjoy making I enjoy creating this content where do you think that’s an individual decision for you to think this is how far I can go with it, yeah and you know and it’s fine.
  • whatever anyone else wants to do but this is my sort of limit i think there’s definitely a lot of pressure to do more and then you just have to know what you want to do you have to be just confident i guess it’s easy right when you’re there you think might as well slip off the phone yeah i love it you’re in your bedroom and no one’s there that’s the thing like nobody’s actually there when you’re doing it yeah like so you can start feeling a bit and then you think i’ve had conversations with so many friends that have been like i’m debating doing a bit more explicit content just because i’ll make a bit more money or yeah and it’s just like you don’t need to you just need to do what you’re comfortable with exactly and i think that’s going to be comfortable yeah because it’s there it’s there because i think there were like a few feet like past modeling like topless modeling career like there was a few times where i was not comfortable at all really and i felt pressured because like the thing is is that was like male 1 dominant yeah like the photographer was a man like the guy that ran their asian street was like agents he was a man .

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