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Happy birthday why celebrate humans

Happy birthday why celebrate humans
Happy birthday why celebrate humans
Because both cases generate alarms for a year and life simply passes. In an era in which we are growing up, we can see someone at the cinema while we celebrate another person’s birthday. Because at that time very few parents knew the exact date of birth of their children.
So there is no obligation to get a birth certificate. I think the tendency to use birthdays and the New Year coincides with the influence of the materiality that developed in the 80s.

On January 1st, that is at the beginning of the new year, you have to do something different. Even the environment has started to increase to the lowest levels of society. In this way, people of the general class begin to celebrate the birth of their children. Birthdays appear in titles when the influence of money and luxury in politics increases.

In the bright world, superstar Rajesh Khanna heard that in his golden age, the flowers arrived in his bungalow with a truck, but when the stars turned into darkness, nobody remembered his birthday.
At the same time, on the birthday of politicians in politics, they started weighing them with candy or coins. What started then was in the form of a colorful and big festival. From Jayalalithaa to Mayawati’s birthday, the royal ceremony was eclipsed by the media for several days.
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But even politicians like Muhammad Singh Yadav with a socialist background will truly celebrate their anniversary as a king-maharaja, which no one has ever imagined. The question arises as to why this trend is getting worse among politicians who do not avoid their private moments in the light of public brilliance.
Aren’t you worried that your lifestyle, like Raja Maharaja, will affect your public image? It seems that politicians, who are always skeptical about the future, are ready to turn their birthdays into a great ceremony just to assess their strength and their fans.
Otherwise, politicians who drink water from the ghetto are not stupid enough to continue to commit suicide. Of course, the spoon must be behind the round of opportunities at the royal ceremony.
Those who do not allow their beloved politicians at the center of power in reason to express their loyalty. The shampoo is the only one that, as a communist in the narrow street of East Bengal, has taken the form of a fashion in the era of the left that has been governing continuously for 34 years.
Today the opposite is true. Other countries in this country have a similar situation. Where did the family of Lalu Prasad Yadav take the main program? Nobody cares how. Therefore, those who are not in power now organize the process.
Now a strange practice has begun in the community, celebrating birthdays by saying goodbye at noon at night. But did you know that the Hindu scriptures are considered wrong? Today we will tell you how many crimes you can commit if you really do it.

Whether it’s a birthday, a birthday or another event, today is the latest fashion to cut pies at midday. People expect to cut a cake at twelve in the morning or to celebrate a friend’s birthday at twelve in the morning. But celebrating a birthday or anniversary after an appointment in English is cheap for anyone. Several reasons directly concern our writings.

It is often seen that people celebrate their birthday at noon. Nishit Kaal (phantom period). Nishit Kaal is night, usually between 12 and 15 hours.
The laity call it midnight or midnight. According to the Scriptures, this is a moment of invisible strength, ghosts, and vampires. During this time, this power becomes very strong.
Where we live, there are many forces like those that are invisible to us but often have negative effects on us, they interrupt our life and make us useless. Alcohol and meat are often used at birthday parties.
In such situations, invisible power reduces a person’s life and wealth by cutting pies, consuming alcohol and meat in ghosts and bad luck knocking on his door. Except for a few days a year, like Deepavali, 4 Navaratri, Janmashtami, and Shivaratri, Nishit Kaal had a positive effect and became Mahanishith Kaal, while at other times it had a negative effect.
According to the Scriptures, good night hope leads to unfavorable results, according to the Hindu Scriptures, the day begins with dawn and this is also a time for the perseverance of the wise and the wise

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