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February 14, 1995

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Louisa Khovanski

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  • since the 8th century bc the lands from the Danube river to the don river were inhabited by various nomadic tribes Stithians Sarmatians chimeras and non-guys believed in an life and therefore the cult of the dead was of great importance in their beliefs the dead were often buried in earthen mounds throughout the great step during the burial pagan rituals and sacrifices were performed most of these months have not been found to this day at least if you are watching this it means that i came home alive edited and published this video this is good news bad ones is that information that you heard in the beginning was totally true right now i am going to the place that is called corsactom and i know it sounds like a language from murder i already was here last year but i was with a company of friends and it actually was pretty fast trip so today i don’t have friends with myself and i parked car like few kilometers from here this time i want to go much deeper into this place and i have all necessary stuff for this like
  • my camera voice recorder drone weapon and food that we will cook later if you support this video with your comment and like next time maybe i can spend the whole night in such place and it will be creepy as hell if you want me to my pants from terror during long night in abandoned creepy place let me know this the only thing that i happy about is that it is impossible to get lost here we are surrounded with kilometers of fields and it is literally impossible to miss corsac tomb from the other side i heard a lot of stories how people lose way in broad daylight in places where it is literally impossible to get lost maybe something just didn’t want them to get in or out maybe it’s difficult for you to notice this from the video but it is such a special atmosphere here it is
  • late midday now you know the sun is shining like there is no cursed castles around and no witch’s symbols but i don’t know like maybe because i am alone here i feel like kind of oppressive atmosphere i know that there is no one behind me and no one in front of me but you know like my spider-sense is telling me that this is not the place to relax the best examples what i am talking about are the movies miss summer in the tall grass and children of the corn yeah there is no dangerous wild animals here like maybe wolves but i myself never saw them in this region probably because they all were killed by poachers on my place on my place i would be more afraid of humans both dead and alive humans maybe right at this moment i’m standing on bones of some Sarmatian priest
  • i know more than 10 horror movies which are started exactly like that why i just don’t film beauty blocks as you may notice i am wearing such a cute tactical outfit and i feel so cool in it but when it comes time to pee it turns into total nightmare ancient nomads had a lot of different traditions which are still existing among locals and of course they continue to believe in different folklore creatures one of the most famous of them is domovoi or domovik it is a household spirit that can protect you and your house or do some nasty things if you are in bad relations you may laugh on me but i still believe in it moreover i know that this spirit is existing in so many cultures and you know there is always something behind all of these legends uh i just found a little path into the wood and someone’s leg looks like someone lived here a long time ago i was surprised to see that from above these rocks look like a spine of a dragon or maybe my eyes just saw what they wanted to see i didn’t find any
  • signs of something mysterious on the hill no witches symbols or little rules on the stones this place is different it is about memory when you are standing here you feel the call of ancestors i had an interesting experience on the top and i definitely would like to return one more time at summer night i didn’t found any door to the other world but i am sure it is somewhere here it is pretty windy here and i think it is better to go back to the forest i think it is time to make a little break to make a campfire and to cook something because i’m hungry as hell it seems to be a nice place let’s find some firewood if so today i didn’t use survival flint because it could take much longer time and i don’t want to stay here till night until i will see 10 comments like louise we want to see you spending a night among creepy cursed villages then yes maybe if you are following me for a while you probably know about my incredible cooking skills today i am going to show you with another yummy dish i would call it cursed beans cursed because i cooked them but to be serious i often cook beans at home because it is healthy and incredibly tasty nothing hard just beans and chicken i also would like to add some corn some peas and mushrooms and of course hot pepper would we be bitter humble it’s not for me should be the one and hope we know when it’s better to say goodbye
  • i often laugh at people you know when in movies they never tell anyone that they are going to a dangerous place and what we have now I didn’t tell anyone where I was going but you know there is something special in hiking alone you feel everything differently you put more attention to details and you have time to think about important things it’s like I don’t know a kind of meditation in my early 20s I had a pretty difficult period of my life and I often did like long walks to the nearest forest I adored those tiny narrow streets with summer houses that led to that forest and I always found something special in those walks something like that it’s actually really tasty and it contains a lot of protein
  • which is very very important for me it is already a blue hour and I don’t want to midnight in this forest it is time to get out of here because I don’t want to disturb those who sleep under those hills so I’m driving home and you know let me finalize this day I really liked my little adventure actually I adore spending time in such hikes let me know in comments if you enjoyed and I’m curious what is your favorite part of the video so thank you so much for spending this adventure with me stay safe from dangerous ancient spirits and see you soon you

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